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When I recently decided I wanted to learn to use FileMaker databases, I realized the best way would be to catalog all of my books. How suprised I was, then, to find out that I own around 1200 books! Ack! So, in the interests of -- well, I'm not sure, in the interests of self-promotion and arrogance, I suppose, or just for fun -- I've put up a list of my books here. Since there were so many, I've broken them down into three pages and several different categories. Use the links above for navigation to the different genres, or just browse around. And feel free to drop me a line if you see something either wrong, confusing, or interesting.

Note: these books are not for sale, they're just the books I own for my private use. I really don't intend to sell any of them.
NB: diese Bücher sind nicht zu verkaufen. Es sind nur die Bücher, die ich privat besitze und benutze. Ich möchte sie alle noch behalten.

Last Updated: August 23, 2002

English-language Books:Englischsprachige Bücher:
General Fiction, Drama, Poetry, ClassicsBelletristik, Dramen, Lyrik, Klassiker
Literary Theory and AnthologiesLiteraturtheorie und Anthologien
Language, Linguistics, and Style ManualsSprachwissenschaft und Stilistik
History, Politics, and Cultural StudiesGeschichte, Politik, und Kulturstudien
Art History and AppreciationKunstgeschichte
Music History and AppreciationMusikgeschichte
Philosophy and ReligionPhilosophie und Religion
Everything ElseAlles Andere
Science Fiction and Fantasy Books:Science-Fiction und Fantasy Bücher:
(Listed alphabetically by author)(Alphabetisch nach Autor gelistet)
German-language Books:Deutschsprachige Bücher:
Primary texts: German LiteraturePrimärtexte: Deutsche Literatur
Secondary Literature and Reference WorksSekundärliteratur und Nachschlagewerke
Teaching German as a Foreign LanguageUnterricht: Deutsch als Fremdsprache