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Below is a list of the books I own. I've divided it into categories for easier viewing, but for space reasons and load times I've moved my science fiction and fantasy books to this page, and all of my German-lanugage books are on this page.
Please remember that these books are NOT for sale, and I intend to keep all of them for the forseeable future.
NB: diese Bücher sind nicht zu verkaufen. Es sind nur die Bücher, die ich privat besitze und benutze.

Last Updated: August 23, 2002

Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Classics Literary Theory and Anthologies Language, Linguistics, and Style History, Politics, and Culture
Art History Music History Philosophy and Religion Everything Else

• Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Classics • Belletristik, Dramen, Lyrik, Klassiker •
Beowulf (trans. Burton Raffel)850pb, 19800-451-62007-0Classics
The Song of Roland (trans. Dorothy Sayers)1100pb, 19890-14-044075-5Classics

Abelard, Peter
The Letters of Abelard and Heloise (trans. Betty Radice)1132pb, 19870-14-044297-9Classics

Ariosto, Ludovico
Orlando Furioso (trans. Richard Hodgens)1532pb, 19730-345-03057-5Fiction

The Wasps, The Poet and the Women, The Frogs (trans. David Barrett)-400tp, 19900-14-044152-2Classics
The Knights, Peace, The Birds, Wealth (trans. David Barrett)-400tp, 19780-14-044332-0Classics

Atwood, Margaret
Bluebeard's Egg and Other Stories1983pb, 19870-449-21417-6Fiction
The Handmaid's Tale1985pb, 19870-449-21260-2Fiction

Augustine, Saint
Confessions (trans. R. S. Pine-Coffin)397pb, 19880-14-044114-XClassics

Bach, Richard
Jonathan Livingston Seagull1970pb, 19730-380-14316-?Fiction
Illusions1977pb, 19810-440-34319-4Fiction

Beauvoir, Simone de
Une mort très douce1964pb, 19902-07-036137-3French

Beckett, Samuel
Waiting for Godot1954tp, 19760-8021-3034-8Drama

Bentley, E. C.
Trent's Own Case1988pb, 19890-881-84349-0Mystery

Blake, William
The Portable Blake1800tp, 19750-14-015026-9Poetry

Bramah, Ernest
Kai-Lung's Golden Hours1922pb, 19720-345-02574-1Fiction
Kai-Lung Unrolls His Mat1927pb, 19740-345-23787-0Fiction

Brulotte, Gaétan
Le Surveillant1982pb, 19862-7609-3409-8French

Bulgakov, Mikhail
The Master and Margarita (trans. Mirra Ginsburg)1940tp, 19870-8021-3011-9Fiction

Burgess, Anthony
A Dead Man in Deptford1993tp, 19940-09-930256-XFiction

Calvino, Italo
The Nonexistent Knight & The Cloven Viscount (trans. Archibald Colguhoun)1951tp, 19910-15-665975-1Fiction
The Baron in the Trees (trans. Archibald Colguhoun)1957tp, 19920-15-610680-9Fiction

Camus, Albert
The Fall (trans. Justin O'Brien)1956tp, 19840-679-72022-7Fiction
The Stranger (trans. Stuart Gilbert)1941pb, 19880-394-70002-3Fiction

Carter, Forrest
The Education of Little Tree1976tp, 19910-8263-0879-1Fiction

Chekhov, Anton
Five Major Plays (trans. Ronald Hingley)1900pb, 19880-553-21211-7Drama

Conrad, Joseph
Heart of Darkness & The Secret Sharer1902pb, 19810-553-21214-1Fiction

Dante Alighieri
Inferno (trans. Mark Musa)1310pb, 19840-14-044441-6Classics
Purgatory (trans. Mark Musa)1310pb, 19850-14-044442-4Classics
Paradise (trans. Mark Musa)1310pb, 19860-14-044443-2Classics

Doyle, Arthur Conan
The Best of Sherlock Holmes1890pb, 19800-89375-370-XFiction
The Illustrated Sherlock Holmes1905hc, 19760-517-34583-8Fiction

Duras, Marguerite
L'Amant1984tp, 19902-7073-0695-9French

Dürrenmatt, Friedrich
The Visit (trans. Patrick Bowles)1956tp, 1962n/aDrama

Eco, Umberto
Misreadings (trans. William Weaver)1963pb, 19930-15-660752-2Fiction
The Name of the Rose (trans. William Weaver)1980pb, 19840-446-35720-0Fiction

Eliot, George (Mary Anne Evans)
Silas Marner1861pb, 19810-553-21048-3Fiction

Ellis, Bret Easton
Less Than Zero1985pb, 19870-14-010927-7Fiction

Eschenbach, Wolfram von
Parzival: A Romance of the Middle Ages (trans. H. M. Mustard & C. E. Passage)1210pb, 19900-394-70188-7Classics

Fitzgerald, F. Scott
The Great Gatsby1925pb, 19860-684-16325-XFiction

Frost, Robert
The Poetry of Robert Frost1963hc, 19790-8050-0502-1Poetry

Fry, Christopher
A Phoenix Too Frequent1953tp, 19900-82220-891-1Drama

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
Faust I (trans. Walter Kaufman)1809pb, 19890-385-03114-9Drama
Faust I & II (trans. Charles E. Passage)1808tp, 19900-02-391760-1Drama

Golding, William
Lord of the Flies1954pb, 1959n/aFiction

Goldman, William
The Princess Bride1973pb, 20000-345-34803-6Fiction

Grahame, Kenneth
The Wind in the Willows1908pb, 1967n/aFiction

Greene, Grahame
The Power and the Glory1940pb, 19770-14-001791-7Fiction

Guibert of Nogent
Memoirs (ed. John F. Benton)1115tp, 19850-8020-6550-3History

Hardy, Thomas
The Mayor of Casterbridge1886pb, 19840-451-51230-8Fiction

Hawthorne, Nathaniel
The Scarlet Letter1850pb, 19860-553-21009-2Fiction

Henry, O. (William Sydney Porter)
Stories by O. Henry1988pb, 19890-812-50502-6Fiction

Herder, Johann Gottfried
Selected Early Works, 1764-1767 (trans. Ernest A. Menze)1764hc, 19920-271-00712-5Philosophy

The Histories (trans. Aubrey de Sélincourt)-450pb, 19720-14-044034-8Classics

Hesse, Hermann
Magister Ludi: The Glass Bead Game1943pb, 19860-553-26237-8Fiction

Hodgson, William Hope
The Nightland1912tp, n/aFiction

Hölderlin, Friedrich
Alcaic Poems (trans. Elizabeth Henderson)1797hc, 1963n/aPoetry

The Odyssey (trans. E. V. Rieu)-800pb, 19860-14-044001-1Classics
The Iliad (trans. Martin Hammond)-800pb, 19870-14-044444-0Classics
The Odyssey (trans. Robert Fitzgerald)-800tp, 19900-679-72813-9Classics

Huysmans, J. K.
Against the Grain (A Rebours) (trans. Keene Wallace)1884tp, 19900-486-22190-3Fiction
Down There (La-Bas) (trans. Keene Wallace)1891tp, 19720-486-22837-1Fiction

Hyvrard, Jeanne
La Jeune Morte en robe de dentelle1990tp, 19902-7210-0395-XFrench

Ibsen, Henrik
Peer Gynt (trans. Peter Watts)1867pb, 19700-14-044167-0Fiction

Joyce, James
Ulysses1934tp, 19900-679-72276-9Fiction

King, Stephen
Night Shift1978pb, 19790-451-14539-9Fiction

Lautréamont (Isidore Ducasse)
Maldoror (trans. Alexis Lykiard)1868tp, 19941-878972-12-XFiction

Leroux, Gaston
The Phantom of the Opera1911pb, 19870-06-080924-8Fiction

Daphnis & Chloe (trans. Moses Hadas)350tp, 19860-02-348710-0Classics

Mallarmé, Stéphane
Collected Poems (trans. Henry Weinfield)1898tp, 19940-520-20711-4Poetry

Mann, Thomas
Doctor Faustus (trans. John E. Woods)1947pb, 19710-394-71297-8Fiction
Doctor Faustus (trans. H. T. Lowe-Porter)1947tp, 19920-679-73905-XFiction

Marlowe, Christopher
Doctor Faustus1585pb, 19800-451-52228-1Fiction

McMahan, Jeffrey N.
Somewhere in the Night1989tp, 19891-55583-157-5Fiction

Melville, Herman
Billy Budd and Other Tales1891pb, 19840-451-51714-8Fiction

Molière, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin
The Misanthrope and Other Plays (trans. John Wood)1666pb, 19890-14-044089-5Drama

More, Thomas
Utopia (trans. Paul Turner)1516pb, 19870-14-044165-4Fiction

Metamorphoses (trans. Mary Innes)10tp, 19890-14-044058-5Classics

Peters, Ellis
A Morbid Taste For Bones (Cadfael 1)1977pb, 1985n/aMystery
One Corpse Too Many (Cadfael 2)1979pb, 1984n/aMystery
Monk's Hood (Cadfael 3)1980pb, 19860-449-20699-8Mystery
St. Peter's Fair (Cadfael 4)1981pb, 19850-449-20540-1Mystery
The Leper of St. Giles (Cadfael 5)1981pb, 19850-449-20541-XMystery
The Virgin in the Ice (Cadfael 6)1982pb, 19850-449-21121-5Mystery
The Sanctuary Sparrow (Cadfael 7)1983pb, 19850-449-20613-0Mystery
The Devil's Novice (Cadfael 8)1983pb, 19860-449-20701-3Mystery
Dead Man's Ransom (Cadfael 9)1984pb, 19860-449-20819-2Mystery
The Pilgrim of Hate (Cadfael 10)1984pb, 19870-449-21223-8Mystery
An Excellent Mystery (Cadfael 11)1985pb, 19870-449-21224-6Mystery
The Rose Rent (Cadfael 13)1986pb, 19890-449-21495-8Mystery
The Confession of Brother Haluin (Cadfael 15)1988pb, 19890-445-40855-3Mystery

Satyricon (trans. J. P. Sullivan)60tp, 19860-14-044489-0Classics

Pirsig, Robert M.
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance1974pb, 19850-553-25748-XFiction

The Republic (trans. Desmond Lee)-375pb, 19870-14-044048-8Classics
The Last Days of Socrates (trans. Hugh Tredennick)-400pb, 19860-14-044037-2Classics
The Symposium (trans. Walter Hamilton)-385pb, 19870-14-044024-0Classics

The Pot of Gold and Other Plays (trans. E. F. Watling)-200tp, 19870-14-044149-2Classics

Proust, Marcel
Swann's Way, Within a Budding Grove (trans. Moncrieff & Kilmartin)1913tp, 19820-394-71182-3Fiction

Pynchon, Thomas
The Crying of Lot 491965tp, 19900-06-091307-XFiction

Réage, Pauline
The Story of O, Part II (trans. Sabine d'Estrée)1969pb, 19940-552-12571-7Adult

Rice, Anne
The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (as A. N. Roquelaure)1983tp, 19830-452-26656-4Adult
Beauty's Punishment (as A. N. Roquelaure)1984tp, 19840-452-26662-9Adult
Beauty's Release (as A. N. Roquelaure)1985tp, 19850-452-26663-7Adult
Exit to Eden (as Anne Rampling)1985pb, 19890-440-12392-5Adult

Roche, Maurice
Compact (trans. Mark Polizzotti)1966hc, 19880-916583-29-5Fiction

Rochefort, Christiane
Les Petits enfants du siècle1961pb, 19912-253-00294-1French

Rostand, Edmond
Cyrano de Bergerac (trans. Brian Hooker)1898pb, 19820-553-21118-8Fiction

Saint Exupéry, Antoine de
The Little Prince (trans. Katherine Woods)1943pb, 19710-15-652820-7Fiction

Salinger, J. D.
Nine Stories1953pb, 19910-316-76950-9Fiction

Sartre, Jean-Paul
No Exit and Three Other Plays1943tp, 19890-679-72516-4Drama
Nausea (trans. Robert Baldick)1938pb, 19740-14-002276-7Fiction

Sempé, Jean-Jacques & René Goscinny
Le petit Nicolas1960pb, 19902-07-036423-2French
Les vacances du petit Nicolas1962pb, 19872-07-033004-4French

Shakespeare, William
The Comedy of Errors1593pb, 19890-451-52311-3Drama
A Midsummer Night's Dream1596pb, 19870-451-52494-2Drama
The Merchant of Venice1597pb, 19870-451-52133-1Drama
Henry V1599pb, 19880-451-52286-9Drama
As You Like It1600pb, 19870-451-52460-8Drama
Hamlet1601pb, 19870-451-52128-5Drama
King Lear1606pb, 19870-451-52410-1Drama
Antony & Cleopatra1607pb, 19880-451-52264-8Drama

Shaw, George Bernard
Pygmalion and My Fair Lady1913pb, 19750-451-51926-4Drama

Complete Greek Tragedies (trans. David Greene)-425tp, 19910-226-30792-1Classics
The Theban Plays (trans. E. F. Watling)-425pb, 19880-14-044003-8Classics

Sterne, Lawrence
Tristram Shandy1760tp, 19910-460-87130-7Fiction

Stoppard, Tom
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead1967tp, 19840-8021-3033-XDrama

Swift, Jonathan
Gulliver's Travels and Other Writings1726pb, 19810-553-21184-6Fiction

Tan, Amy
The Joy Luck Club1989pb, 19900-8041-0630-4Fiction

Thurber, James
Fables For Our Time1939tp, 19900-06-090999-4Humor
Lanterns and Lances1960tp, 19800-06-014280-4Humor

Tolkien, J. R. R.
The Road Goes Ever On1967hc, 19780-395-24758-6Poetry
The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien1981hc, 19810-890-11279-7Nonfiction

Tuchman, Barbara
A Distant Mirror1978tp, 19790-345-34957-1History

Twain, Mark
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn1884pb, 19850-451-51912-4Fiction

The Aeneid (trans. Robert Fitzgerald)-19tp, 19830-679-72952-6Classics

Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr.
Slaughterhouse Five1966pb, 19910-440-18029-5Fiction
Welcome to the Monkey House1968pb, 19880-440-19478-4Fiction

Winterson, Jeanette
Oranges are not the Only Fruit1985tp, 19870-87113-163-3Fiction

Wolf, Christa
Cassandra (trans. Jan van Heurck)1983tp, 19920-374-51904-8Fiction

Wolfe, Thomas
You Can't Go Home Again1938pb, 19730-06-080314-2Fiction

Yoshimoto, Banana
Kitchen (trans. Megan Backus)1988tp, 19940-671-88018-7Fiction

Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Classics Literary Theory and Anthologies Language, Linguistics, and Style History, Politics, and Culture
Art History Music History Philosophy and Religion Everything Else

• Literary Theory and Anthologies • Literaturtheorie und Anthologien •
Bradbury, Malcolm & James McFarlane
Modernism: A Guide to European Literature 1890-19301976tp, 19910-14-013832-3Lit. Theory

Bridgewater, Patrick
Twentieth-Century German Verse1963pb, 1963n/aAnthology

Eagleton, Terry
Literary Theory: An Introduction1983tp, 19960-8166-1251-XLit. Theory

Eitner, Lorenz (ed.)
Neoclassicism and Romanticism, 1750-18501970tp, 19890-06-430186-9Lit. Theory

Ellman, Richard & Robert O'Clair (ed.)
The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry1973hc, 19730-393-09357-4Anthology

Garland, Henry & Mary Garland
The Oxford Companion to German Literature, 2nd Edition1986hc, 19910-19-886139-8Lit. Theory

Gibaldi, Joseph
MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 4th Edition1995tp, 19950-87352-565-5Reference
MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 5th Edition1999tp, 19990-87352-975-8Reference

Gilbert, Sandra M. & Gubar, Susan (ed.)
The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women1985hc, 19850-393-01940-3Anthology

Hayman, David
Reforming the Narrative1987hc, 19870-8014-2005-9Lit. Theory

Hermand, Jost & Marc Silberman (ed.)
Contentious Memories: Looking Back at the GDR1998hc, 19980-8204-3843-XLit. Theory

Jordan, Gilbert J. (ed.)
Four German One-Act Plays (Schnitzler, Goetz, Sallet, Kaiser)1951hc, 1951n/aAnthology

Keesey, Pam (ed.)
Daughters of Darkness: Lesbian Vampire Stories1993tp, 19930-939416-78-6Anthology

Lass, Abraham H. & D. Kiremidjian & R. M. Goldstein
The Dictionary of Classical, Biblical, and Literary Allusions1987pb, 19880-449-14565-4Reference

Lentricchia, Frank & Thomas McLaughlin
Critical Terms for Literary Study1990tp, 19900-226-47202-7Lit. Theory

Lukács, Georg (trans. Anna Bostock)
The Theory of the Novel1920tp, 19940-262-62027-8Lit. Theory

Nestle, Joan & Naomi Holoch
Women on Women: An Anthology of American Lesbian Short Fiction1990tp, 19900-452-26388-3Anthology

Nollendorfs, Valters & Geoffrey S. Koby (ed.)
DAAD/Monatshefte Directory of German Studies 19901990tp, 19911-880376-00-8Reference

Nollendorfs, Valters & Karl F. Markgraf (ed.)
DAAD/Monatshefte Directory of German Studies 19851985tp, 19863-87192-239-0Reference

Preminger, Alex & T. V. F. Brogan
The New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics1993tp, 19930-691-02123-6Reference

Sagarra, Eda & Peter Skrine
A Companion to German Literature1997hc, 19970-631-17122-3Lit. Theory

Selden, Pamela & Peter Widdowson
A Reader's Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory1993tp, 19930-8131-0816-0Lit. Theory

Warren, Robert Penn & Albert Erskine (ed.)
Short Story Masterpieces1954pb, 19820-440-37864-8Anthology
Six Centuries of Great Poetry1955pb, 19920-440-21383-5Anthology

Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Classics Literary Theory and Anthologies Language, Linguistics, and Style History, Politics, and Culture
Art History Music History Philosophy and Religion Everything Else

• Language, Linguistics, and Style Manuals • Sprachforschung und Stilistik •
Akmajian, Adrian & R. A. Demers & R. M. Harnish
Linguistics, 2nd Edition1984tp, 19880-262-51029-4Linguistics

Atkins, Beryl T. et al. (ed.)
Collins-Robert French Dictionary, 2nd Edition1978hc, 19880-00-433452-3French

Baker, Mary J. & Jean-Pierre Cauvin
Panaché littéraire, 2nd Edition1990tp, 19900-06-041207-0French

Bennett, William H.
An Introduction to the Gothic Language1980hc, 19800-87352-290-7Linguistics

Blume, Eli
French Two Years, 3rd Edition1966tp, 19790-87720-470-5French
Answer Key to French Two Years, 3rd Edition1966tp, 1979n/aFrench

Breul, Karl & Harold T. Betteridge
The New Cassell's German Dictionary1958hc, 1965n/aReference

Bynon, Theodora
Historical Linguistics1977tp, 19860-521-29188-7Linguistics

Chernow, Barbara A. & George A. Vallasi
The Columbia Encyclopedia, 5th Edition1935hc, 19930-395-62438-XReference

Claiborne, Robert
The Roots of English1989hc, 19890-812-91716-2Linguistics

Comrie, Bernard
The World's Major Languages1987tp, 19900-19-506511-5Linguistics

Costa, C. D. N. & Mary Herberg
Langenscheidt's Universal Dictionary Latin-English1966pb, 19830-88729-173-2Reference

Cousin, Pierre-Henri
Collins French-English English-French Dictionary1982pb, 19870-425-10270-XFrench

Dubois, Marguerite-Marie & D. J. Keen & Barbara Shuey
Larousse's French-English English-French Dictionary1955pb, 1962n/aFrench

Feldman, David
Who Put the Butter in Butterfly?1989tp, 19900-06-091661-3Linguistics

Guralnik, David B. (ed.)
Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language, 2nd College Edition1953hc, 19800-529-05326-8Reference

Harkness, Albert
Complete Latin Grammar1864hc, 1898n/aReference

Hudson, Richard
Invitation to Linguistics1984tp, 19880-631-14176-6Linguistics

Kendris, Christopher
501 French Verbs, 3rd Edition1982tp, 19900-8120-4363-4French

Lazzarino, Graziana & A. Pease & G. Bellesia
Prego! An Introduction to Italian, 3rd Edition1980hc, 19900-07-557426-8Reference

Lederer, Richard
Anguished English1987pb, 19890-440-20352-XReference
Crazy English1989pb, 19900-671-68907-XReference

McArthur, Tom & Feri McArthur
The Oxford Companion to the English Language1992hc, 19920-19-214183-XLinguistics

Muyskens, Judith A. & A. O. Hadley & C. Convert-Chalmers
Rendezvous: An Invitation to French, 3rd Edition1982hc, 19900-07-540867-8French

Partington, Angela (ed.)
The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, 4th Edition1941hc, 19920-19-866185-1Reference

Pei, Mario & John Fisher
Getting Along in French1957pb, 19760-06-080388-6French

Pinker, Steven
The Language Instinct1994tp, 19950-06-097651-9Linguistics

Quinn, Arthur
Figures of Speech: 60 Ways to Turn a Phrase1982tp, 19820-87905-121-3Reference

Robinson, Andrew
The Story of Writing: Alphabets, Hieroglyphs and Pictograms1995hc, 19950-500-01665-8Linguistics

Robinson, Orrin W.
Old English and its Closest Relatives1992tp, 19970-8047-2221-8Linguistics

Roget, P. M. & C. O. S. Mawson (ed.)
Roget's University Thesaurus1852tp, 19810-06-463537-6Reference

Rollin, Sheana M.
Collins French Phrase Book1962pb, 1974n/aFrench

Smith, Michael N. & V. M. Afanasief
Introduction to Russian1970hc, 19700-03-080341-1Reference

St. Onge, Susan & R. St. Onge & K. Kulick & D. King
Interaction: Révision de grammaire française, 3ème Edition1991tp, 19910-8384-1969-0French

Strunk, William & E. B. White
The Elements of Style, 3rd Edition1959pb, 19790-02-418200-1Reference

Urwin, Kenneth
Langenscheidt's Standard French Dictionary1968hc, 19880-88729-056-6French

Wells, C. J.
German: A Linguistic History to 19451985hc, 19850-19-815795-9Linguistics

Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Classics Literary Theory and Anthologies Language, Linguistics, and Style History, Politics, and Culture
Art History Music History Philosophy and Religion Everything Else

• History, Politics, and Cultural Studies • Geschichte, Politik, Kulturkritik •
Abelove, Henry & M. A. Barale & D. M. Halperin
The Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader1993tp, 19930-415-90519-2Culture

Appleby, Joyce Oldham
Economic Thought and Ideology in 17th Century England1978tp, 19800-691-00779-9History

Berghahn, V. R.
Modern Germany1982tp, 19930-521-34748-3History

Bloom, Allan
The Closing of the American Mind1987tp, 19880-671-65715-1Culture

Breunig, Charles
The Age of Revolution and Reaction, 1789-1850, 2nd Edition1970tp, 19770-393-09143-0History

Burns, Rob
German Cultural Studies: An Introduction1995tp, 19950-19-871503-XCulture

Cahill, Thomas
How the Irish Saved Civilization1995tp, 19960-385-41849-3History

Carroll, Harry J. Jr. et al.
The Development of Civilization, Volume 1, Revised Edition1961tp, 1969n/aHistory
The Development of Civilization, Volume 2, Revised Edition1962tp, 1969n/aHistory

Chambers, Mortimer et al.
The Western Experience: Volume One, 4th Edition1974tp, 19870-394-36443-0History

Darnton, Robert
The Great Cat Massacre and Other Episodes in French Cultural History1984tp, 19850-394-72927-7History

Elias, Norbert
The History of Manners (trans. Edmund Jephcott)1939tp, 19820-394-71133-5Culture

Fulbrook, Mary
A Concise History of Germany1990tp, 19940-521-36836-7History

Geoffrey of Monmouth
The History of the Kings of Britain (trans. Lewis Thorpe)1136pb, 19860-14-044170-0History

Goubert, Pierre
Louis XIV and Twenty Million Frenchmen1966pb, 19910-394-71751-1History

Hammond Incorporated
The Hammond Universal World Atlas1989hc, 19890-843-71268-6Reference

Heer, Friedrich
The Medieval World: Europe 1100-1350 (trans. Janet Sondheimer)1961pb, 19760-451-62542-0History

Kinder, Hermann & W. Hilgemann
The Anchor Atlas of World History Volume I (trans. E. A. Menze)1964tp, 19740-385-06178-1Reference
The Anchor Atlas of World History Volume II (trans. E. A. Menze)1966tp, 19780-385-13355-3Reference

Kuttner, Robert
The Economic Illusion1984hc, 19890-8122-1240-1History

Langer, William L.
An Encyclopedia of World History1940hc, 1948n/aHistory

Ledger, Sally & Scott McCracken
Cultural Politics at the fin de siècle1995tp, 19950-521-48499-5History

Lewin, Moshe
The Gorbachev Phenomenon1988tp, 19890-520-06258-2History

Macridis, Roy C.
Contemporary Political Ideologies, 4th Edition1989tp, 19890-673-39839-0History

Malthus, Thomas Robert
An Essay on the Principle of Population (ed. Philip Appleman)1798tp, 19910-393-09202-XHistory

Marius, Richard
A Short Guide to Writing About History1989tp, 19890-673-39998-2History

Morris, Colin
The Discovery of the Individual, 1050-12001972tp, 19870-8020-6665-8History

Postman, Neil
Technopoly1992tp, 19930-679-74540-8Culture

Rabb, Theodore K.
The Struggle for Stability in Early Modern Europe1975tp, 19750-19-501956-3History

Riley-Smith, Jonathan
The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades1995tp, 19970-19-285294-9History

Rowling, Marjorie
Life in Medieval Times1968tp, 19790-399-50258-0History

Trevelyan, G. M.
A Shortened History of England1942tp, 19850-14-020443-1History

Wilson, Frank L.
European Politics Today: The Democratic Experience1990hc, 19900-13-292012-3History

Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Classics Literary Theory and Anthologies Language, Linguistics, and Style History, Politics, and Culture
Art History Music History Philosophy and Religion Everything Else

• Art History • Kunstgeschichte•
Barnet, Sylvan
A Short Guide to Writing About Art1993tp, 19930-673-52293-8Art

Biedermann, Hans
Dictionary of Symbolism (trans. James Hulbert)1989hc, 19920-8160-2593-2Reference

Boime, Albert
Art in an Age of Revolution, 1750-18001987tp, 19900-226-06334-8Art

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• Music History • Musikgeschichte •
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• Philosophy and Religion • Philosophie und Religion •
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• Everything Else • Alles Andere •
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