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Below is the list of the science fiction and fantasy books I own. As you see, there are a lot of them, so you can navigate by the letters below if you like. The other (English-language) books I own are listed here, and the German-language books I own are here.
Please remember that these books are NOT for sale, and I intend to keep all of them for the forseeable future.
NB: diese Bücher sind nicht zu verkaufen. Es sind nur die Bücher, die ich privat besitze und benutze.

Last Updated: August 23, 2002


Adams, Douglas
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's 1)1979pb, 19810-671-47709-9SF/Fantasy
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Hitchhiker's 2)1980pb, 19820-671-53264-2SF/Fantasy
Life, the Universe, and Everything (Hitchhiker's 3)1982pb, 19830-671-46726-3SF/Fantasy
So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish (Hitchhiker's 4)1984pb, 19850-671-52580-8SF/Fantasy
Mostly Harmless (Hitchhiker's 5)1992hc, 19920-517-57740-2SF/Fantasy
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (Dirk Gently 2)1988pb, 19900-671-74251-5SF/Fantasy
The Salmon of Doubt2002hc, 20021-4000-4508-8SF/Fantasy

Adams, Douglas & John Lloyd
The Meaning of Liff1983hc, 19840-517-55347-3SF/Fantasy

Adams, Douglas & Terry Jones
Starship Titanic1997tp, 19980-345-36843-6SF/Fantasy

Anderson, Poul
The Broken Sword1954pb, 19810-345-29860-8SF/Fantasy
Fantasy1981pb, 19820-523-48515-8SF/Fantasy

Anthony, Piers
A Spell for Chameleon (Xanth 1)1977pb, 19830-345-30422-5SF/Fantasy
Vale of the Vole (Xanth 10)1987pb, 19870-380-75287-5SF/Fantasy
God of Tarot (Tarot 1)1979pb, 19830-425-06480-8SF/Fantasy
Vision of Tarot (Tarot 2)1980pb, 19840-425-07490-0SF/Fantasy
Faith of Tarot (Tarot 3)1980pb, 19840-425-07371-8SF/Fantasy
Split Infinity (Adept 1)1980pb, 19830-345-30761-5SF/Fantasy
Out of Phaze (Adept 4)1987pb, 19880-441-64465-1SF/Fantasy
Refugee (Space Tyrant 1)1983pb, 19830-380-84194-0SF/Fantasy
Mercenary (Space Tyrant 2)1984pb, 19840-380-87221-8SF/Fantasy
Politician (Space Tyrant 3)1985pb, 19850-380-89685-0SF/Fantasy
Prostho Plus1986pb, 19860-812-53116-7SF/Fantasy
Ghost1986pb, 19870-812-53127-2SF/Fantasy

Anthony, Piers & Robert E. Margroff
Dragon's Gold1987pb, 19870-812-53125-6SF/Fantasy

Ashley, Amanda & Christine Feehan & Ronda Thompson
After Twilight2001pb, 20010-505-52450-3SF/Fantasy

Asimov, Isaac
Foundation1951pb, 19720-380-00304-?SF/Fantasy
Foundation and Empire1952pb, 19710-380-00305-?SF/Fantasy
Second Foundation1953pb, 1966n/aSF/Fantasy
Foundation's Edge1982pb, 19830-345-30898-0SF/Fantasy
Foundation and Earth1986pb, 19870-345-33996-7SF/Fantasy
I, Robot1950pb, 19700-449-01453-?SF/Fantasy
Pebble in the Sky1950pb, 19830-345-31196-5SF/Fantasy
The Currents of Space1952pb, 19710-449-23507-6SF/Fantasy
Earth is Room Enough1957pb, 19700-449-23383-9SF/Fantasy
The Hugo Winners, Volume II1971pb, 19730-449-01880-?SF/Fantasy

Asimov, Isaac & Charles G. Waugh & Martin H. Greenberg
Wizards!1983pb, 19830-451-12542-8SF/Fantasy

Asprin, Robert
Another Fine Myth (Myth 1)1978pb, 19840-441-02360-6SF/Fantasy
Myth Directions (Myth 3)1982pb, 19850-441-55525-XSF/Fantasy
Myth-ing Persons (Myth 5)1984pb, 19860-441-55276-5SF/Fantasy
Little Myth Marker (Myth 6)1985pb, 19870-441-48499-9SF/Fantasy
M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link (Myth 7)1986pb, 19880-441-55277-3SF/Fantasy
Myth-nomers and Impervections (Myth 8)1987pb, 19880-441-55279-XSF/Fantasy

Asprin, Robert & Lynn Abbey
Thieves' World (Thieves' World 1)1979pb, 19830-441-80581-7SF/Fantasy
Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn (Thieves' World 2)1980pb, 19830-441-79578-1SF/Fantasy
Shadows of Sanctuary (Thieves' World 3)1981pb, 19830-441-76029-5SF/Fantasy
Storm Season (Thieves' World 4)1982pb, 19840-441-78712-6SF/Fantasy
The Face of Chaos (Thieves' World 5)1983pb, 19830-441-22549-7SF/Fantasy
Wings of Omen (Thieves' World 6)1984pb, 19840-441-80593-0SF/Fantasy
The Dead of Winter (Thieves' World 7)1985pb, 19850-441-14089-0SF/Fantasy
Soul of the City (Thieves' World 8)1985pb, 19860-441-77581-0SF/Fantasy

Athans, Philip
Baldur's Gate1999pb, 19990-7869-1525-0SF/Fantasy
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn2000pb, 20000-7869-1569-2SF/Fantasy

Attanasio, A. A.
The Dragon and the Unicorn1996pb, 19970-06-105779-7SF/Fantasy

Beagle, Peter S.
The Last Unicorn1968pb, 19700-345-01503-?SF/Fantasy

Benford, Gregory
Across the Sea of Suns1984pb, 19870-553-26664-0SF/Fantasy
Artifact1985pb, 19860-812-50060-1SF/Fantasy
In Alien Flesh1986pb, 19880-812-53176-0SF/Fantasy

Bishop, Anne
Daughter of the Blood (Black Jewels 1)1998pb, 19980-451-45671-8SF/Fantasy
Heir to the Shadows (Black Jewels 2)1999pb, 19990-451-45672-6SF/Fantasy
Queen of the Darkness (Black Jewels 3)2000pb, 20000-451-45673-4SF/Fantasy
The Invisible Ring2000pb, 20000-451-45802-8SF/Fantasy
The Pillars of the World2001pb, 20010-451-45850-8SF/Fantasy

Boucher, Anthony
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction, Third Series1952pb, 1954n/aSF/Fantasy

Bova, Ben
The Winds of Altair1983pb, 19880-812-53227-9SF/Fantasy
Voyagers II: The Alien Within1986pb, 19870-812-53206-6SF/Fantasy

Brackett, Leigh
The Long Tomorrow1955pb, 19800-345-28885-8SF/Fantasy

Bradbury, Ray
The Martian Chronicles1950pb, 19800-553-13179-6SF/Fantasy

Bradley, Marion Zimmer
Darkover Landfall1972pb, 19840-87997-806-6SF/Fantasy
Greyhaven1983pb, 19840-87997-815-5SF/Fantasy

Bradshaw, Gillian
The Hawk of May1980pb, 19810-451-09765-3SF/Fantasy

Brin, David
Startide Rising1983pb, 19830-553-23495-1SF/Fantasy
The Postman1985pb, 19860-553-25704-8SF/Fantasy
Earth1990hc, 19900-553-05778-2SF/Fantasy

Broderick, Damien
The Black Grail1986pb, 19860-380-89977-9SF/Fantasy

Brooks, Terry
The Sword of Shannara (Shannara 1)1977pb, 19830-345-31425-5SF/Fantasy
The Elfstones of Shannara (Shannara 2)1982pb, 19840-345-28554-9SF/Fantasy
Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold! (Landover 1)1986pb, 19870-345-31758-0SF/Fantasy
The Black Unicorn (Landover 2)1987pb, 19880-345-33528-7SF/Fantasy
Wizard At Large (Landover 3)1988pb, 19890-345-36227-6SF/Fantasy

Brunner, John
The Crucible of Time1983pb, 19840-345-30235-4SF/Fantasy

Brust, Steven
Jhereg (Vlad Taltos 1)1983pb, 19840-441-38553-2SF/Fantasy
Yendi (Vlad Taltos 2)1984pb, 19840-441-94457-4SF/Fantasy
Teckla (Vlad Taltos 3)1987pb, 19870-441-79977-9SF/Fantasy
Taltos (Vlad Taltos 4)1988pb, 19880-441-18200-3SF/Fantasy
Phoenix (Vlad Taltos 5)1990pb, 19900-441-66225-0SF/Fantasy
Athyra (Vlad Taltos 6)1993pb, 19930-441-03342-3SF/Fantasy
Orca (Vlad Taltos 7)1996pb, 19960-441-00196-3SF/Fantasy
Dragon (Vlad Taltos 8)1998pb, 19980-812-58916-5SF/Fantasy
Issola (Vlad Taltos 9)2001hc, 20010-312-85927-9SF/Fantasy
Brokedown Palace1986pb, 19860-441-07181-3SF/Fantasy
The Phoenix Guards (Khaavren 1)1991pb, 19920-812-50689-8SF/Fantasy
Five Hundred Years After (Khaavren 2)1994pb, 19950-812-51522-6SF/Fantasy
To Reign in Hell1984tp, 20000-312-87049-3SF/Fantasy
The Sun, the Moon, & the Stars1987tp, 19960-312-86039-0SF/Fantasy
Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grille1990pb, 19900-441-11816-XSF/Fantasy
Agyar1993pb, 19940-812-51521-8SF/Fantasy

Brust, Steven & Emma Bull
Freedom and Necessity1997pb, 19970-812-56261-5SF/Fantasy

Brust, Steven & Megan Lindholm
The Gypsy1992pb, 19930-812-52498-5SF/Fantasy

Burgess, Anthony
A Clockwork Orange1962pb, 19840-345-31483-2SF/Fantasy

Burroughs, Edgar Rice
A Princess of Mars (Mars 1)1912pb, 19770-345-27058-4SF/Fantasy
The Gods of Mars (Mars 2)1913pb, 19800-345-27835-6SF/Fantasy
The Warlord of Mars (Mars 3)1913pb, 19800-345-27836-4SF/Fantasy
Thuvia, Maid of Mars (Mars 4)1916pb, 19800-345-27837-2SF/Fantasy
John Carter of Mars (Mars 11)1964pb, 19750-345-23588-6SF/Fantasy

Caidin, Martin
Exit Earth1987pb, 19870-671-65630-9SF/Fantasy

Card, Orson Scott
Songmaster1980pb, 19870-812-53255-4SF/Fantasy
Ender's Game (Ender Wiggins 1)1985pb, 19860-812-53253-8SF/Fantasy
Speaker for the Dead (Ender Wiggins 2)1986pb, 19870-812-53257-0SF/Fantasy
Seventh Son1987pb, 19880-812-53353-4SF/Fantasy

Carey, Jacqueline
Kushiel's Dart2001pb, 20020-765-34298-7SF/Fantasy

Carr, Terry
New Worlds of Fantasy #31971pb, 19710-441-57272-?SF/Fantasy

Carroll, Jonathan
The Land of Laughs1980pb, 19830-441-46987-6SF/Fantasy

Carter, Lin
Discoveries in Fantasy1972pb, 19720-345-02546-6SF/Fantasy
Great Short Novels of Adult Fantasy, Volume I1972pb, 19720-345-02789-2SF/Fantasy
Great Short Novels of Adult Fantasy, Volume II1973pb, 19730-345-03162-8SF/Fantasy
Imaginary Worlds1973pb, 19730-345-03309-4SF/Fantasy

Chandler, A. Bertram
Frontier of the Dark1984pb, 19840-441-25504-3SF/Fantasy

Chant, Joy
Red Moon and Black Mountain1970pb, 19710-345-02178-9SF/Fantasy

Clarke, Arthur C.
The Nine Billion Names of God1967pb, 19740-451-08381-4SF/Fantasy
2001: A Space Odyssey1968pb, 1970n/aSF/Fantasy
2010: Odyssey Two1982pb, 19840-345-30306-7SF/Fantasy
Rendezvous with Rama1973pb, 19750-345-24175-4SF/Fantasy
The Songs of Distant Earth1986pb, 19870-345-32240-1SF/Fantasy

Cook, Glen
The Black Company (Black Company 1)1984pb, 19840-812-52139-0SF/Fantasy
Shadows Linger (Black Company 2)1984pb, 19840-812-50842-4SF/Fantasy
The White Rose (Black Company 3)1985pb, 19850-812-50844-0SF/Fantasy
The Silver Spike (Black Company Standalone)1989pb, 19890-812-50220-5SF/Fantasy
Shadow Games (Books of the South 1)1989pb, 19890-812-53382-8SF/Fantasy
Dreams of Steel (Books of the South 2)1990pb, 19900-812-50210-8SF/Fantasy
Bleak Seasons (Glittering Stone 1)1996pb, 19960-812-55532-5SF/Fantasy
She Is The Darkness (Glittering Stone 2)1997pb, 19980-812-55533-3SF/Fantasy
Water Sleeps (Glittering Stone 3)1999pb, 20000-812-55534-1SF/Fantasy
Soldiers Live (Glittering Stone 4)2000pb, 20010-812-56655-6SF/Fantasy
Faded Steel Heat (Garrett Files 9)1999pb, 19990-451-45479-0SF/Fantasy
Angry Lead Skies (Garrett Files 10)2002pb, 20020-451-45875-3SF/Fantasy

Cook, Hugh
Wizard War1986pb, 19870-445-20700-0SF/Fantasy

Cooper, Edmund & R. L. Green
Double Phoenix (The Firebird & From The World's End)1971pb, 19710-345-02420-6SF/Fantasy

Correy, Lee (aka G. Harry Stine)
Manna1983pb, 19840-87997-896-1SF/Fantasy

Crawford, F. Marion
Khaled1891pb, 19710-345-02446-XSF/Fantasy

Dann, Jack & Gardner Dozois
Magicats!1984pb, 19850-441-51531-2SF/Fantasy

David, Peter
Sir Apropos of Nothing2001pb, 20020-7434-1234-6SF/Fantasy

Dean, Pamela
The Hidden Land1986pb, 19860-441-32909-8SF/Fantasy

DeCamp, L. Sprague
The Goblin Tower1968pb, 19840-345-29842-XSF/Fantasy
The Clocks of Iraz1971pb, 19840-345-29841-1SF/Fantasy
The Best of L. Sprague DeCamp1978pb, 19860-345-32930-9SF/Fantasy

DeCamp, L. Sprague & Catherine Crook
The Incorporated Knight1987pb, 19880-671-65435-7SF/Fantasy

DeChancie, John
Castle Perilous1988pb, 19880-441-09418-XSF/Fantasy
Castle for Rent1989pb, 19890-441-09406-6SF/Fantasy
Castle Kidnapped1989pb, 19890-441-09408-2SF/Fantasy

Delany, Samuel R.
Nova1968pb, 19750-553-02243-1SF/Fantasy

Dickson, Gordon R.
Dorsai!1976pb, 19830-441-16021-2SF/Fantasy
The Dragon and the George1976pb, 19840-345-29902-7SF/Fantasy

Dickson, Gordon R. & Roland J. Green
Jamie the Red1984pb, 19840-441-38245-2SF/Fantasy

Donaldson, Stephen R.
Lord Foul's Bane (Thomas Covenant 1)1977pb, 19830-345-31011-XSF/Fantasy
Daughter of Regals1984pb, 19850-345-31443-3SF/Fantasy

Duncan, Lois
A Gift of Magic1971pb, 19720-671-43932-4SF/Fantasy

Farmer, Philip José
Strange Relations1960tp, 19780-380-00095-4SF/Fantasy
The World of Tiers1968tp, 19960-312-85761-6SF/Fantasy

Feist, Raymond A.
Silverthorn (Riftwar 2)1985pb, 19860-553-25928-8SF/Fantasy
A Darkness At Sethanon (Riftwar 3)1986pb, 19870-553-26328-5SF/Fantasy
Faerie Tale1988pb, 19890-553-27783-9SF/Fantasy

Foster, Alan Dean
Dark Star1974pb, 19740-345-24267-XSF/Fantasy
Star Wars (as George Lucas)1977pb, 19770-345-26079-1SF/Fantasy
Spellsinger (Spellsinger 1)1983pb, 19830-446-90352-3SF/Fantasy
Day of the Dissonance (Spellsinger 3)1984pb, 19840-446-32133-8SF/Fantasy
Moment of the Magician (Spellsinger 4)1984pb, 19850-446-32326-8SF/Fantasy
Time of the Transference (Spellsinger 6)1987pb, 19870-446-30009-8SF/Fantasy
Shadowkeep1984pb, 19840-446-32553-8SF/Fantasy
Glory Lane1987pb, 19870-441-51664-5SF/Fantasy
Quozl1989pb, 19890-441-69454-3SF/Fantasy

Foster, Robert
A Guide to Middle Earth1974pb, 19750-345-24936-4SF/Fantasy

Gardner, Craig Shaw
A Malady of Magics (Ebenezum 1)1986pb, 19860-441-51661-0SF/Fantasy
A Multitude of Monsters (Ebenezum 2)1986pb, 19860-441-54523-8SF/Fantasy
A Night in the Netherhells (Ebenezum 3)1987pb, 19870-441-02314-2SF/Fantasy
A Difficulty with Dwarves (Wuntvor 1)1987pb, 19870-441-14779-8SF/Fantasy

Garrett, Randall
Murder and Magic1979pb, 19830-441-54543-2SF/Fantasy
Too Many Magicians1966pb, 19830-441-81698-3SF/Fantasy
Lord Darcy Investigates1981pb, 19810-441-49141-3SF/Fantasy

Garrett, Randall & Vicki Ann Heydron
The Steel of Raithskar (Gandalara 1)1981pb, 19810-553-23747-0SF/Fantasy
The Glass of Dyskornis (Gandalara 2)1982pb, 19820-553-20827-6SF/Fantasy
The Bronze of Eddarta (Gandalara 3)1983pb, 19830-553-23281-9SF/Fantasy
The Well of Darkness (Gandalara 4)1983pb, 19830-553-23719-5SF/Fantasy
The Search for Kä (Gandalara 5)1984pb, 19840-553-24120-6SF/Fantasy
Return to Eddarta (Gandalara 6)1985pb, 19850-553-24709-3SF/Fantasy
The River Wall (Gandalara 7)1986pb, 19860-553-25565-7SF/Fantasy

Gentle, Mary
A Secret History1999pb, 20010-380-78869-1SF/Fantasy

Gerrold, David
The Man Who Folded Himself1973pb, 1973n/aSF/Fantasy

Gibson, William
Neuromancer1984pb, 19840-441-56959-5SF/Fantasy
Neuromancer (German)1984pb, 19923-453-05665-5SF/Fantasy
Biochips (Count Zero, German)1986pb, 19933-453-02777-9SF/Fantasy
Mona Lisa Overdrive (German)1988pb, 19933-453-03886-XSF/Fantasy
Cyberspace (Burning Chrome, German)1986pb, 19933-453-00993-2SF/Fantasy
Virtual Light1993pb, 19930-7704-2614-XSF/Fantasy

Godwin, Parke
The Last Rainbow1985pb, 19860-553-25686-6SF/Fantasy

Grant, Charles L.
After Midnight1986pb, 19860-812-51854-3SF/Fantasy

Greenberg, Martin H.
Lord of the Fantastic1998pb, 19990-380-80886-2SF/Fantasy

Greenberg, Martin H. & Alexander Potter
Assassin Fantastic2001pb, 20010-7564-0002-3SF/Fantasy

Greeno, Gayle
Sunderlies Seeking1998pb, 19980-88677-805-0SF/Fantasy
The Farthest Seeking2000pb, 20000-88677-897-2SF/Fantasy

Greenwood, Ed
Elminster: The Making of a Mage (Elminster 1)1994pb, 19950-7869-0203-5SF/Fantasy
Elminster in Myth Drannor (Elminster 2)1997pb, 19980-7869-1190-5SF/Fantasy
The Temptation of Elminster (Elminster 3)1998pb, 19990-7869-1427-0SF/Fantasy
Elminster in Hell (Elminster 4)2001pb, 20020-7869-2746-1SF/Fantasy

Haggard, H. Rider
The Saga of Eric Brighteyes1890tp, n/aSF/Fantasy

Haggard, H. Rider & Andrew Lang
The World's Desire1891pb, 19720-345-02467-2SF/Fantasy

Hamilton, Laurell K.
Nightseer1992pb, 19920-451-45143-0SF/Fantasy
Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake 1)1993pb, 19930-441-30483-4SF/Fantasy
The Laughing Corpse (Anita Blake 2)1994pb, 19940-441-00091-6SF/Fantasy
Circus of the Damned (Anita Blake 3)1995pb, 19950-441-00197-1SF/Fantasy
The Lunatic Cafe (Anita Blake 4)1996pb, 19960-441-00293-5SF/Fantasy
Bloody Bones (Anita Blake 5)1996pb, 19960-441-00374-5SF/Fantasy
The Killing Dance (Anita Blake 6)1997pb, 19970-441-00452-0SF/Fantasy
Burnt Offerings (Anita Blake 7)1998pb, 19980-441-00524-1SF/Fantasy
Blue Moon (Anita Blake 8)1998pb, 19980-441-00574-8SF/Fantasy
Obsidian Butterfly (Anita Blake 9)2000pb, 20000-441-00781-3SF/Fantasy
A Kiss of Shadows (Meredith Gentry 1)2000pb, 20020-345-42340-2SF/Fantasy

Hardy, Lyndon
Master of the Five Magics1980pb, 19850-345-33425-6SF/Fantasy
Secret of the Sixth Magic1984pb, 19860-345-34500-2SF/Fantasy

Harris, Charlaine
Dead Until Dark2001pb, 20010-441-00853-4SF/Fantasy
Living Dead in Dallas2002pb, 20020-441-00923-9SF/Fantasy

Heinlein, Robert A.
Revolt in 2100 & Methuselah's Children1941pb, 19990-345-57780-8SF/Fantasy
Waldo and Magic, Inc.1950pb, 19810-451-09754-8SF/Fantasy
The Rolling Stones1952pb, 19710-441-73441-?SF/Fantasy
The Star Beast1954pb, 19820-345-30046-7SF/Fantasy
Stranger in a Strange Land1961pb, 19840-425-08094-3SF/Fantasy
Job: A Comedy of Justice1984pb, 19850-345-31650-9SF/Fantasy
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls1985pb, 19860-425-09332-8SF/Fantasy
To Sail Beyond The Sunset1987pb, 19880-441-74860-0SF/Fantasy

Herbert, Frank & Brian
Man of Two Worlds1986pb, 19870-441-51857-5SF/Fantasy

Hobb, Robin
Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer 1)1995pb, 19960-553-57339-XSF/Fantasy
Royal Assassin (Farseer 2)1996pb, 19970-553-57341-1SF/Fantasy
Assassin's Quest (Farseer 3)1997pb, 19980-553-56569-1SF/Fantasy

Hogan, James P.
The Gentle Giants of Ganymede1978pb, 19840-345-32327-0SF/Fantasy
The Two Faces of Tomorrow1979pb, 19800-345-32387-4SF/Fantasy

Hughart, Barry
Bridge of Birds1984pb, 19850-345-32138-3SF/Fantasy

Karr, Phyllis Ann
At Amberleaf Fair1986pb, 19860-441-52009-XSF/Fantasy

Kay, Guy Gavriel
The Summer Tree (Fionavar 1)1984pb, 19920-451-45138-4SF/Fantasy
Tigana1990tp, 19990-451-45776-5SF/Fantasy
Sailing to Sarantium (Sarantine Mosaic 1)1998pb, 20000-06-105990-0SF/Fantasy
Lord of Emperors (Sarantine Mosaic 2)2000pb, 20010-06-102002-8SF/Fantasy

Kube-McDowell, Michael P.
Empery1987pb, 19870-425-09887-7SF/Fantasy

Kurtz, Katherine
Deryni Rising (Deryni 1)1970pb, 19830-345-30426-8SF/Fantasy
Deryni Checkmate (Deryni 2)1972pb, 19830-345-30593-0SF/Fantasy
High Deryni (Deryni 3)1973pb, 19830-345-30745-3SF/Fantasy
Camber of Culdi (Camber 1)1976pb, 19820-345-30855-7SF/Fantasy
Saint Camber (Camber 2)1978pb, 19820-345-30862-XSF/Fantasy
Camber the Heretic (Camber 3)1981pb, 19810-345-27784-8SF/Fantasy
The Bishop's Heir (Kelson 1)1984pb, 19850-345-30097-1SF/Fantasy
The King's Justice (Kelson 2)1985hc, 19850-345-31825-0SF/Fantasy
The Quest for Saint Camber (Kelson 3)1986hc, 19860-345-31826-9SF/Fantasy
The Deryni Archives1986pb, 19860-345-32678-4SF/Fantasy
Deryni Magic: A Grimoire1990pb, 19910-345-36117-2SF/Fantasy
The Harrowing of Gwynedd (Heirs 1)1989pb, 19890-345-36314-0SF/Fantasy
King Javan's Year (Heirs 2)1992pb, 19930-345-38478-4SF/Fantasy
The Bastard Prince (Heirs 3)1994pb, 19950-345-39177-2SF/Fantasy
King Kelson's Bride (Kelson 4)2000hc, 20000-441-00732-5SF/Fantasy
St. Patrick's Gargoyle2001pb, 20020-441-00905-0SF/Fantasy
Deryni Tales2002pb, 20020-441-00944-1SF/Fantasy
Tales of the Knights Templar (ed.)1995pb, 19950-446-60138-1SF/Fantasy

Kurtz, Katherine & Deborah Turner Harris
The Adept (Adept 1)1991pb, 19910-441-00343-5SF/Fantasy
The Lodge of the Lynx (Adept 2)1992pb, 19920-441-00344-3SF/Fantasy
The Templar Treasure (Adept 3)1993pb, 19930-441-00345-1SF/Fantasy
Dagger Magic (Adept 4)1995pb, 19960-441-00304-4SF/Fantasy
Death of an Adept (Adept 5)1996pb, 19970-441-00484-9SF/Fantasy
The Temple and the Stone (Templar 1)1998pb, 19990-446-60723-1SF/Fantasy
The Temple and the Crown (Templar 2)2001pb, 20010-446-60854-8SF/Fantasy

L'Engle, Madeleine
A Wrinkle in Time1962pb, 19800-440-99805-0SF/Fantasy

Lackey, Mercedes
Arrows of the Queen1987pb, 19930-88677-378-4SF/Fantasy

Laumer, Keith
Retief: Envoy to New Worlds1963pb, 19870-671-65635-XSF/Fantasy
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An Ambush of Shadows (Pelbar 5)1983pb, 19850-345-31051-9SF/Fantasy
The Song of the Axe (Pelbar 6)1984pb, 19840-345-31658-4SF/Fantasy
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Healer1976pb, 19840-425-06560-XSF/Fantasy

Wilson, Snoo
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Sign of the Unicorn (Amber 3)1975pb, 19830-380-00831-9SF/Fantasy
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My Name Is Legion1976pb, 19820-345-29522-6SF/Fantasy
Changeling (illus. Esteban Maroto)1980pb, 19810-441-10257-3SF/Fantasy
Wizard World (Changeling & Madwand)1980pb, 19890-671-69842-7SF/Fantasy
The Last Defender of Camelot1980pb, 19800-671-47231-3SF/Fantasy
The Changing Land (Dilvish 1)1981pb, 19810-345-25389-2SF/Fantasy
Dilvish, the Damned (Dilvish 2)1982pb, 19820-345-30625-2SF/Fantasy
Unicorn Variations1983pb, 19870-380-70287-8SF/Fantasy
Trumps of Doom (Amber 6)1985pb, 19860-380-89635-4SF/Fantasy
Blood of Amber (Amber 7)1986pb, 19870-380-89636-2SF/Fantasy
Sign of Chaos (Amber 8)1987hc, 19870-87795-926-9SF/Fantasy
Sign of Chaos (Amber 8)1987pb, 19880-380-89637-0SF/Fantasy
Knight of Shadows (Amber 9)1989pb, 19900-380-75501-7SF/Fantasy
Prince of Chaos (Amber 10)1991pb, 19920-380-75502-5SF/Fantasy
A Night in the Lonesome October1993pb, 19941-85723-217-8SF/Fantasy
Forever After (ed.)1995pb, 19950-671-87699-6SF/Fantasy

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Zelazny, Roger & Jane Lindskold
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Lord Demon1999pb, 20000-380-77023-7SF/Fantasy

Zelazny, Roger & Fred Saberhagen
The Black Throne1990pb, 19900-671-72013-9SF/Fantasy

Zelazny, Roger & Robert Scheckley
Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming (Azzie 1)1991pb, 19920-553-29935-2SF/Fantasy
Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming (Azzie 1)1991tp, 19910-553-35448-5SF/Fantasy
A Farce to Be Reckoned With (Azzie 3)1995tp, 19950-553-37442-7SF/Fantasy